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Cloud Print 0.2.1 is out

I'm happy to announce that Cloud Print v.0.2.0 is finally available, this version brings some of the features requested by the users, the most important ones are mail and sms printing.
In order to be able to print emails an external app is required, it's called K9 and it's probably the most powerful Android email client. K9 is based on the default Android email client, but it adds a lot of new features including the "Share" feature, that should be used if you want to print from K9.

Why an external app and not an email app integrated ?
Developing an internal email client would be extremly complex and would take a lot of time, and at the beginning would not support the mail server types that k9 does (imap, pop3 and exchange), also having an email app integrated, would result in a much bigger app.

Let us know what you think about this feature, and in the future we might add an integrated email app only for gmail (and only if users really ask for it).

complete list of features:
- mail printing with K9
- sms printing
- added support support for txt,doc,xps
- improved job management (delete jobs)
- improved UI
- improved error handling
- bug fixing, bug fixing... :)

About the "Jobs in qeue" issue:
Some users have reported that sometimes print jobs stay in the queue and don't get printed, so i would like to explain that this app can only put the jobs in the queue, after that Google Chrome is the one responsible for sending the jobs to the printer. So it seems that Chrome has some issues, with some accounts, in fetching the print jobs. Some users have reported that login/logout from the Cloud Print service in the Chrome options fixes this issue, but in the meantime we reported this to Google and we really hope that the issues get's fixed soon.

Plans for the future:
i've been receiving a lot of requests for a paid version without ads, for those users : i'm working with the in-app billing from google (should be released soon) that will allow me to sell a no-ads version from inside the app using the market. Also i might have some pro options to sell there.. still working on that!!

to all users:
thanks for the 16.000 downloads,
thanks for the 4.5 rating
and thanks for understanding that not all issues can be fixed by the app :)
please keep sending ideas, we have a lot planned for next versions and almost all came from your ideas/requests!

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  1. Boas, penso que posso falar em pt :)
    Instalei e configurei corretacmente a impressora no my zonhub atraves de url ipp: http://zonhub.home:631(...), fiz o teste e deu ok, mas qd tento imprimir n dá, fica em upload e nao carrega, tenho tb config o dropbox. podes ajudar? nao encontro o email para de contactar.

  2. I understand this is not an issue with your app, however I'm wondering if you've come across this issue with other users. I am trying to add a cloud printer (HP CP1525nw via ePrint) however on the google site it asks for my eprint email, which I provid and after a few minutes it comes back with; Unable to Parse Printer Capabilities

    Any ideas ?

  3. @ Rui: acho que ja encontramos a solução via email :)

    @ Jaysen : i don't know much about e-print integration have you tried the latest webpage to add the printers? http://www.google.com/landing/cloudprint/

    let me know

  4. Sony Ericsson X10 mini: the apps stay on the page off authorizing. and cant log in

  5. Hi,
    Every works fantastic! I have got your application installed on a laptop http://www.airissupport.com/bdc/Imgenes%20Productos/N7000/AIRIS%20KIRA%20N7000%20%28General%29.jpg and the application get turn it 90º . It is the only application with that behavior. Where can I open a bug?

  6. same problem on samsung galaxy S2 , does not get past authorizing (i have 3 google acounts, one of wich is a google apps acount); i did not choose the apps acount, but the normal google acount. Cloud printing works fine in my android browser (not the app, the google print option) .

  7. Hi,

    The app works great on my Eee pad transformer, but on my Galaxy S2, it just stays on the screen where I chose my account with a message "authorizing..." at the bottom. It does that for hours without anything happening.

    Best regards,


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