sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

Cloud Print: version 0.1.0

Finally i managed to create a page for Cloud Print, one week after it launched and to celebrate i'm also launching a new version with many new features and issues fixed:
- fixed issue with JustPictures

- added internal file browser

- improved "first time user" experience

- improved configuration menus

- added printing from the app

- added support for the following file types: pdf,jpg,jpeg,docx,ods,xls,xlsx,ppt and odp

for the ones who don't know Cloud Print for android here is a description and some new screenshots:

Cloud print allows you to print files from your phone to your printer. In order to do this it uses the new google cloud print service and as this service is still in beta you need to use a special version of Google Chrome for windows in order to be able to use it. Before using this app please configure your pc following this guide:

In order to get better results please use your Dropbox account, if you don't have one, go here: it's free.

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