sábado, 2 de junho de 2012

[beta testing] Cloudprint 0.5.8 and !free! Cloudprint PRO

Hi all, the new version of Cloudprint is ready for testing, and it has a few new features :

1 - Dropbox support : now you are able to print files stored in your Dropbox account.. 
2 - print Facebook photos: now you are able to print your facebook fotos
3 - improved printer settings : since Google cloudprint supports a lot of printers and each printer has it's own settings, this new version of the app tries to make it easy to change the most common settings
4 - bug fixing: as usual we trying to improve on all the issues reported by the users.

This new version will bring another new thing: Cloudprint PRO. There are a few things about this:

- all the features that are free will remain free, now and in the future
- some new features might be available only for PRO users, like Dropbox and Facebook (altough you have 5 days to play with them and decide if it's worth to upgrade to PRO)
- the users that payed to remove ads in the app, will now get Cloudprint PRO for free.
- Users that help on the testing Cloudprint, and provide USEFUL feedback will get Cloudprint PRO for free
- user who helped or will help in the translations will get Cloudprint PRO for free 

And now here is the link for the first release candidate version:

In order to apply for a free Cloudprint PRO:
1 - install the app
2 - go to "Help" > "Contributors"  and click "Apply"  

As usual , please let us know what you think of the new version!