sábado, 28 de maio de 2011

Cloud Print 0.04 is OUT

Dear Cloud Print users,
i'd like to start this email with a request: please join our Google group at :http://groups.google.com/group/cloudprintandroidapp (if you haven't done it yet) , by joining this group your question will be answered a lot faster, and you will get access to the most recent news and beta versions :) .. Also if you use the group i will have more time to work on new features, and thats better for all of us:)

Now the good stuff :)
This new version took a bit longer then usual since i wanted to make it a lot better, so a lot of issues were fixed and some requested features were added, here is the list:
- Translated in : DE,FR,IT,NL,PT -> this is a big one, now the app speaks 6 languages and all of this thanks to our awesome users who volunteered to do this! ( let us know if you would like to translate the app into your language)
- Printer options -> still very experimental, but you should be able to change your printer settings now..
- Share printers with friends -> a very cool feature, you can print to your friends printers :) just share it!!
- Contacts printing
- Better sms printing
- Print from clipboard
- Improvements to small screens
- bug fixing, bug fixing... :)

Just to finish, i'd like to say thanks to the users who helped bringing this release out:
Awesome translation team :Fabrizio Alberti aka technofab (IT), Awesome Dutch user(NL),Awesome German user (DE),roaddan from Québec(FR), me (PT)
Awesome testers team !


terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Translators needed

Hi everyone,
with new features comes new text, and therefore translation are needed once again.
if you want to help, you can join our google group here:

Or go directly to our translation site here:

so all the help is needed!

paulo f