domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Cloud Print 0.1.5 is out

NOTE : 0.1.7 was just released with some fixes..

First off all i'd like to thank you all for the support these days, Cloud Print app would not be the same without you, also i'd like to thank the fact that you preferred to send us an email instead of just leaving a bad review, in tried to help in all cases i could, altough in some cases Google Chrome or Google Cloud print, prevented me to be able to fix the problems.
Also i'd like to thank you for sharing the app with your friends, thanks to you the app appear on the front page of Gizmodo, and that, made us very proud :) and thankfull. (!5775642/cloud-print-sends-web-pages-images-and-files-to-your-printer-through-chrome--dropbox)

Today we are releasing a new app that brings some of the more requested features :
- Print webpages (using share page)
- new direct print mechanism (no Dropbox needed)
- improved error handling/reporting
- possibility of installable the app on SD (apps2sd)
- Print jobs are now viewable in the app
- print .txt files from internal file browser

some screenshots:

More then the features i'd like to request your attention to the new direct upload, this means you won't need dropbox anymore to get more stability as you have a more reliable and secure way to print your documents, i ask you to test this feature (disabling dropbox) and let me know how it went, it was a huge effort from our side towards a more stable app so we want your feedback.

Another important thing is that now we have a poll in our blog ( with the features the users want more, you can now vote there or just send me an email with the features you'd like to see in the app. btw, keep an eye on our blog :)

As you know this app is ad-supported, unfortunatelly in 2 weeks and almost 8000 installations we have made less then 3$, which is preventing us to expand on some areas (eg. not enough devices for testing) so for now all i ask is: Share this app and keep sending feedback.

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  1. I know many iPhone users who would happily pay for an iPhone version of your app. You should consider partnering with someone who could port this to the iOs.

  2. i would love that.. but i was not able to find a partner yet :|