terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

How to remove Cloudprint ads

Hi all, as it seems some users are having issues removing the ads from the app so here goes a tutorial: NOTE: removing ads is a payed service, that helps to support the development

 Step 1 : Click "About/Store" icon

Step 2 : Click "Cloudprint Store" button

Step 3 : Click "Disable ads in all the app" button

Step 4 : (optional) you can also click "Buy a coffee for the developers" as many times as you want... thanks! (IT WON'T REMOVE THE ADS, IS JUST A CONTRIBUTION)

 Note: If for some reason (network issues) you sill have the ads, please go back to the store and wait a bit until the purchase is restored. For any issue, send us an email :)

 thanks to all!