terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

How to remove Cloudprint ads

Hi all, as it seems some users are having issues removing the ads from the app so here goes a tutorial: NOTE: removing ads is a payed service, that helps to support the development

 Step 1 : Click "About/Store" icon

Step 2 : Click "Cloudprint Store" button

Step 3 : Click "Disable ads in all the app" button

Step 4 : (optional) you can also click "Buy a coffee for the developers" as many times as you want... thanks! (IT WON'T REMOVE THE ADS, IS JUST A CONTRIBUTION)

 Note: If for some reason (network issues) you sill have the ads, please go back to the store and wait a bit until the purchase is restored. For any issue, send us an email :)

 thanks to all!

6 comentários:

  1. Problem:
    Auf meinem Canon iP5200R bekomme ich keinen A4 Druck hin. 2,5cm eines A4 Bildes wird auf die zweite Seite gedruckt.
    Wie kann ich das abstellen?

  2. Hi Paolo ! I am afraid my ¨ Not Google Certified¨ Tablet is having problems to open your app. My guess is that I have made a wrong install ( 0.3.3 version ). My question: do com.apk´s like this one have to be installed in a different way ? Kind Regards Francisco from Zaragoza- Spain

    My Tablet: Arnova running android 2.3.1

  3. Unfortunately, I was unable to remove all ads. The in-app purchase tries over and over again to authorize the transaction, but it never succeeds. Maybe there is a problem with in-app purchases in general on the Market now...

    1. Same problema here.. i would buy it to give a contribute but no way..

  4. Why do I have to pay for the Pro version on every devices that I have ? Usually, you can use an App on all devices that you have once you paid for it. (I have a phone and a tablet)

  5. @ Expresso : you don't have to buy it again, just go to the store inside the app and the purchase will be restores.